Advance Reading

Think about questions below first:

1. What are some key characteristics that makes us specially human?
2. What do you think is the relationship between thought and language? Can think about something without having the language to describe it?
3. What methods might scientists use to study the beginnings of thoughts?
The passage looks at the development of human thought. First read and then answer the questions.

A : Based on responses on the reading and your own personal experiences.

1. Why is it particularly difficult to investigate early development of thought and language?

2. What is a physical requirement for the ability to speak?

3. How might art, thought and language be related?

4. When did human begin to think critically, according to the passage ?

5. What do you think pushed humankind to develop thinking and language in the first place? Was it a better change for survival, or a more social or artistic reason?

6. Think of ways that art represent critical thinking. Give some examples using famous artworks.