Talking about truth and lies “A story about lying”

I was once economical with the truth on a job application form. I lied about my employment record, talked up my skills, and embellished my previous salary by a few thousand. Oh, and I glossed over one rather unpalatable truth, namely that I’d been sacked from my last job. But trying to sustain the lies at the interview was a nightmare. My interviewer soon detected something was wrong, and a friendly chat deteriorated into an awful interrogation . And after a series of awkward questions, he caught me out ; I felt utterly humiliated . Needless to say , I've never done it since.

Complete the words and circle the stressed syllable.

*. c n m c l Answer : economical

1. embel

2. s st n

3. h m l ted

4. int og ion

5. int og

6. unp t ble

7. d t ct

8. n m ly

Complete the dialogue.

A: Did you know that Johnny Savill's got the sack? Evidently he was, well, let's just say he was ‘(1) With the truth’ about a few things.
B: Well, I can't say I'm surprised. When I worked with him he often (2) things up, especially when our sales were down. And I think he was a bit dishonest – he would (3) the facts, or (4) over the things he didn`t want to know about. And his relationship with Mrs. Kilgarriff has really (5) Lately because she was obviously suspicious of him.
A: Yeah, evidently he was called in to see her yesterday and she virtually (6) him, asking him loads of difficult questions, and eventually she (7) him out. He must have felt really (8) – he`s a very proud guy. In the end, he just couldn't (9) all those lies. Well who could, faced with Mrs. Kilgarriff? But (10) say, I`m not sorry for him. He deserved it.