Present continues حال استمراری

Present continues : Something is happening now.

حال استمراری : کاری در حال انجام شدن است .

Subject + to be (am/is/are) + verb + ing + …

To make the negative form of present continuous, it is just enough to add ‘not’ to the verb to be.

همان طور که در جدول قبل هم مشاهده شد برای منفی کردن حال استمراری کافی است فعل تو بی را به حالت منفی با استفاده از نات در بیاوریم

For making question we should put ‘to be verb’ at the begging of the sentence.

همچنین برای سوالی کردن حال استمراری فعل تو بی را به ابتدای جمله آورده و جمله را می نویسیم .

For example:

Exercise تمرین

1- What are these people doing? Use these verbs to complete the sentences.

این افراد در حال انجام چه کاری هستند؟ برای کامل کردن جملات از افعال زیر استفاده کنید.


2. She dinner.

1. tennis.

4. He for a bus.

3. watching TV.

6. On the table.

5. in the Park.

2- complete the sentences. Use one of these verbs.

جملات زیر با استفاده از فعل های زیر کامل کنید .


1. we're here on holiday. We at the Central Hotel.

2. Where is Adam? He A shower.

3.They a new theatre in the city-center at the moment.

4. Look! Somebody in the river.

5. You on my foot. Oh, I`m sorry.

6. Please be quiet. I

6. Please be quiet. I

7. where`s John? He is in the kitchen. He

8. I Now. Goodbye.

3-look at the picture. Write sentences about him. Use he's -ing or he isn't –ing .

به عکس نگاه کرده و جمله های را کامل کنید.

1. (have dinner)

2. (watch television)

3. (sit on the floor)

4. (read a book)

5. (play the piano)

6. (laugh)

7. (wear a hat)

8. (write a letter)

Positive Sentences - Part 1

4. Choose the correct present continuous form.

گزینه درست را با توجه به قرارگیری حال استمراری انتخاب کنید.

1. Look! Andy ( am working / are working / is working ) in the garden

2. I ( am watching / are watching / is watching )  TV at the moment.

3. We ( am reading / is reading / are reading ) a book.

4. She ( am playing / is playing / are playing ) the piano.

5. Listen! Sue and John ( am singing / is singing / are singing ) .

Positive Sentences - Part 2

5. Put the verbs into present continuous.

فعل ها را به صورت حال ساده قرار دهید.

1. My sister (to clean)  the bathroom.

2. Look! They (to go)  inside.

3. I (to wait)    in the car now.

4. (read a book)

5. Mrs. Miller (to listen)  to CDs.

6. We (to speak)   English at the moment.

Long and Short Forms

6. Rewrite the sentences using the short forms (where long forms are given) or the long forms (where short forms are given).

جملات را دوباره بازنویسی کنید. ( اگر کوتاه هستند به صورت گسترده و اگر گسترده هستند به حالت کوتاه یا مخفف )

They're drinking a cup of tea   

1. We are reading a letter.   

2. He's opening the window.

3. I am playing computer games. 

4. She's dancing at the party.

Negative Sentences

7. Rewrite the sentences using the negative forms.

جملات را در حالت منفی بازنویسی کنید.

1. We are playing a game.  

2. I'm drawing a picture.

3. He is making pizza right now.

4. Susan and her brother are taking photos.

Questions and Signal Words

8. Write questions in present continuous.

جملات سوالی در فرم حال استمراری بسازید.

1. Robin / to ride / his bike   

2. Where / she / to go

3. What / your mother / to do / now.

4. Which is a signal word for the present continuous? Often / Now / Somtimes

5. Which is not a signal word for the present continuous? Always / Look! / At the moment