Beginner Reading

A :which of these sentences are true (T) and which are false (F)? write T or F in the boxes.

1. Peter was seven years old.
2. Peter usually came home late.
3. Only Peter answered the teacher's question.
4. All the children put glue on the teacher's chair.
5. Peter put glue on the teacher's chair.
6. The teacher was angry about the glue.

B : Answer the questions.

1. Where was Peter`s school?

2. How did he come home?

3. What did his mother say to him when he came home last Friday?

4. What was Peter's answer?

5. What did his mother ask then?

6. What did Peter answer?

7. What did his mother ask him then?

8. And what was his answer?

C : put the right sentences under the right picture.

1: He put glue on his teacher's chair.

2: He went into his classroom. It was empty.

3: Peter arrived at school on foot.

4: Peter arrived home late.

5: Peter said, ‘I did.’

6: She got up and said, ‘Who put glue on my chair?’

7. The teacher sat down.

8. The teacher sent Peter to the headmaster.