Talking about the weather

What`s the weather like?

هوا چطوره؟

1 - Match 1 – 9 with a - j

1. It's

a. of cloud today.

2. It

b. it foggy outside?

3. The wind

c. isn`t raining.

4. It isn't

d. cold this morning

5. The sun

e. snow on the roads.

6. Is

f. rain a lot here.

7. There`s a bit

g. the weather like?

8. There's a lot of

h. very windy.

9. It doesn't

i. below my hat off.

10. What's

j. is shining.

میتوانیم برای بیان میزان کمی یا زیادی آب و هوا از این دو عبارت استفاده کنیم . اما باید توجه داشته باشیم که قبل از اسم ، بعد از فعل و قبل از صفت به چه صورت استفاده می شوند.

2- Complete the sentences

*. There was a lot of ice. It was very Answer : icy

1. It isn`t raining. There's no

2. Is the sun shining? Is it ?

3. We often have snow.Is it ?

4. She doesn`t like fog. She doesn't like weather.

5. It was very windy on Friday.There was a lot of on Friday.

6. There are no clouds. It isn't