Used to (do)

1- complete the sentences with use(d) to + a suitable verb.

1. Noah doesn’t travel much now. He a lot, but he prefers to stay at home these days.

2. Shahin a motorbike, but last year he sold it and bought a car.

3. We moved to Tehran a few years ago. We In Mashhad.

4. I rarely eat ice-cream now, but I When I was a child.

5. Jack My best friend, but we aren’t good friends any more.

6. It only takes me about 40 minutes to get to work now that the new road is open. It More than one hour.

7. There A airport near the city, but it closed a long time ago.

2- compare what Karen sail twelve years ago and what she says today.
Now write sentences about how Karen has changed. Use used to/didn’t use to .

1. but

2. But

3. But

4. But

5. But

6. But

7. But

8. But

9. But

10. But

3- Choose the correct option to complete the sentences.

1. She _____ in a bank but she left and got a job as a gardener.
used to work
used to working
got used to work

2. Since we had the baby I _____ much sleep.
'm not used to get
've got used to not getting
used to get

3. How's the new job? _____ it yet?
Are you used to
Did you use to
Do you used to

4. Before I retired I _____ have much time to read.
used to
got used to
never used to

5. The engine noise was deafening but the driver _____ it.
was used to
used to
didn't use to

6. Our house is on a steep hill, but I _____ the walk after a month of living here.
get used to
got used to
used to

7. Don't worry! You _____ in the city center after a while.
'll used to live
'll get used to living
'll get used to live

8. When we were at university, we _____ have to write an essay a week.
got used to
used to
were used to

4- Choose the correct option to complete the sentences.

1. I always hated the cold weather but I _____ it when I lived in Russia.
get used to
got used to
used to

2. We _____ much positive feedback about our old product, but the new formula is really successful.
didn't use to get
weren't used to get
didn't use to getting

3. I work from home so I _____ people around me all day.
'm not used to have
'm used to not having
used to having

4. I heard Eliza got promoted! _____ her as your boss yet?
Are you used to having
Did you used to have
Are you used to have

5. You've stopped hiking? But why? You _____ all the time.
used to go
got used to go
used to going

6. I've been a nurse for two years but I don't know if I _____ night shifts.
'll ever used to work
'll get used to work
'll ever get used to working

7. Even though I loved my old job, I _____ the long hours.
couldn't be used to
couldn't get used to
couldn't use to

8. I _____ the guitar but I don't have time now.
got used to playing
used to playing
used to play