Describing actions “Using your hands”

1. Can you do these things? Write Yes or No.

*. Smash the tube of toothpaste Answer : No

1. fold a sheet in half

2. scratch coffee

3. drag a suitcase along a path

4. spray perfume on yourself

5. squeeze a wet jumper to get water out

6. knock on water

7. tear up a cabinet

8. shake a tin of paint

2- Complete the sentences with verbs from the box in the correct form.

pray , knock , scratch , drag , smash , fold , tear up , shake , squeeze ,

*. I was woken up by someone on my window. Answer : knocking

1. The boat was incredibly heavy so we had to it down the beach to the sea.

2. I all my old bank documents and threw them away.

3. He his scarf and put it on the table.

4. Don’t the sparkling water before you open it.

5. He kicked the ball hard and unfortunately the neighbor`s window.

6. You'll need to about six oranges to make a glass of juice.

7. My little brother took a nail and the side of the car. My dad was furious.

8. She put on her make-up and perfume behind her ears.